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Wunderbrow Review

Hello again!! This week I decided to step away from skincare and go back to makeup for a change. This week Im reviewing wunderbrow by Wunder2. This brand is known for its long lasting waterproof cosmetics and blurring setting powder and I couldn't wait to try this when I brought the brow gel.

Ive always felt as though my brows were a lot lighter than my hair and found even with a bare face when I filled in my brows I looked more alive. However with a busy schedule I haven't always got the time on a morning to take care filling them in. When I saw Wunderbrow in my local Boots store I knew I had to get it. This is a brow gel that lasts 2-3 days on average and can be as natural or as 'fleeky' as desired.


So I was a little worried that this gel would be too dramatic for everyday wear but I was completely wrong!! It does come in a tube with an applicator and a little spoolie to brush through your brows afterwards however I opted for my trusty NYX angled brow brush. The gel went on so easily and smooth and could easily be corrected quickly if a mistake was made. I also managed to create a ombre looking brow really simply with this gel which for me was important as I like my inner brows to be lighter and fluffy. The gel dried down in two minutes and looked great.


The final look was great!! Even better than I had pictured if Im honest. I brought the shade Auburn as I currently have my hair bright orange and wanted my brows to match. After brushing through my brows they still looked fluffy and full as I was worried you would see the gel dried in them. They are definitely waterproof and smudge proof and stay perfect even after a shower and cleansing and exfoliating my face!!! My brows lasted around 3 days however I found all I needed to top up was the edges to keep the perfect shape. I would recommend staying away from oil based face products if you want these to last as the guide that comes with the gel states they can be removed with oil.

Overall I would give this product a 10/10!! Did everything it said it would and looked tons better than I was expecting. I would 100% recommend trying this product to anyone that likes their brows to look groomed and maybe doesn't have time too every day.

Let me know what you think of my reviews in the comments and if there's anything in particular you would like to see me review :) Below picture is 1 day after applying.

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Sharon Moore
Sharon Moore
Feb 23, 2020

Might have to give this a try xx


Feb 23, 2020

Omg thank you so much. I’ve been tempted to buy this for ages ! Thanks to your open and honest review. I’ll be getting myself one. And possibly the brush you speak of too. Thanks so much for this. X

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