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Magic glitter changing lipstick

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I really wanted to write a blog on this amazing one of a kind product! When I first heard about this I thought to myself surely it can't work, but it really does!! 

This is from the brand Ciaté who are mostly known for their nail polishes however have recently started a makeup line full of amazing and unique products including their newest addition the Glittler Flip. It comes in a range of colours from nude pinks, bright red, deep purples, black and a blue for the more adventurous. This lipstick is meant to change from a metallic liquid lipstick to a glitter lip just by pressing your lips together !! 

I decided to try the bright red called Hollywood. This applies really easy needing only one coat for full pigmentation and no lip liner needed at all. You have to wait 2 minutes for it to dry then rub your lips together. It is a little drying but that's normal for a more metallic liquid lipstick however is still comfortable. This does genuinely work too after rubbing my lips together it produced the more beautiful red glitter lip !!!! The glitter sparkled and shone in the light ! I wish the photo did it justice as you can only see a little of the glitter in the photo. The top photo is before and the bottom is after I rubbed together. The price for this lipstick is £17 which is around the same price as Jeffree Star and Limecrime which I think is reasonable. 

I definitely recommend trying this even if you go for a more natural colour !! 

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