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Maria Nila True Soft Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hi everyone, new week now blog post!!

This week I've decided to review a shampoo and conditioner duo. After using them I knew I needed to share these beauties with you all.

I received these in my Glossybox and had not really heard of this brand before. I was pretty excited as I love when I get products that I haven't seen. So Im going to break this review into sections to really be able to share what I think.


I though these bottles were very pretty for a shampoo and conditioner. I got two sample bottles however they've lasted me a few uses and my hair is very thick and long.


I am amazed at the benefits this shampoo and conditioner have which is one of the reasons I wanted to share this. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free, contain softening Argan oil, sulphate and paraben free and have a colour guard complex so no more fading hair colour!!!


At first the shampoo didn't seem to bubble up that much and I was worrying my hair wouldn't be squeaky clean however my hair definitely was!! However with the conditioner, straight away I could feel my hair was instantly softer.


After washing and blowdrying my hair it literally felt like new hair. I was amazed! I have quite coarse frizzy hair and it looked so sleek and shiny. The best part was it carried on feeling this soft for days. The frizziness was gone and instead I had the smoothest hair I think I've had in years. I didn't need my straighteners as I already had the look I wanted just from using this fantastic duo.


I would give this shampoo and conditioner duo a rating of 9/10. To buy a bottle of the shampoo or conditioner it is £25 a bottle for 350ml or £61 for a 1000ml bottle. Now for me this is why its not a 10/10 as Im not sure I could see my self spending £50 every 2-3 weeks (yes this is how quickly my household can get through shampoo) to replace my shampoo and conditioner. I think for me this would a treat every now and again to give my hair a loving boost. However, that being said I will definitely be purchasing some soon as I really was over the moon with the results!! If your thinking of giving your hair some TLC I would definitely be telling you to buy this duo!!

I hope you all enjoyed this review, please don't be afraid to leave some feedback or request a product you want reviewing !

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