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Revolution Skincare Angry Range Review

Its Sunday and that means another blog post!

This week I have decided to review Revolution Skincare's new range the Angry range.

Revolution have recently released three new ranges designed for different skin types. The Angry range is soothing for blemish prone skin, Stressed is for calming the skin for redness and Thirsty is to quench the skin for dry skin.

I have very oily blemish prone skin and so I opted for the Angry range. In this range you get a gel cleanser, a skin booster, a moisturiser and an over night mask. Revolution recommends to use the cleanser, booster and moisturiser morning and night and then the overnight mask is to sleep in.


The cleanser is one of the better ones Ive used. It comes with a pump action bottle and the bottles are bigger than I expected. Ive been using this morning and night for over a week now. You need to wet your face the use 2-3 pumps and start working into your skin in circles. Wash off and then pat dry. My skin feels so clean after using this and I feel like it does remove and dirt and oil from your face. The scent of the cleanser is actually quite fresh and pleasant and I think this is a great product in this set.


This skin booster comes with a pipette applicator making it easy to use. Again it has a similar fresh scent to the cleanser. I tend to end up using a whole pipette for one application which is around average. It soaks into the skin very well and my face has a gorgeous glow sheen once I've used it. I have also been using this morning and night.


The moisturiser also comes in a pump action bottle which makes it so easy to use the product. This also smells very fresh which is nice when applying to the skin. Since using this morning and night my skin has felt very soft and hydrated and this has lasted all day unlike other moisturisers I've used in the past. You really don't need a lot of this product as a little goes a long way which I like.


The over night mask I am a fan of! It has a slight mint scent to it and comes in a pot. I have been using a foundation brush to apply this to my face. For this product you apply before bed, sleep in it and then wash off in the morning using the cleanser. Again, a little goes a long way for this product and Ive definitely seen this working for me. The mask is clear and dries down so you won't ruin your pillow cases or duvet when sleeping in it.

Overall I think this set is brilliant!! Since using this whole set I have really seen a difference in my skin and my blemishes have cleared and not come back! Its very easy to use and to stick to on a busy morning and I cannot recommend this enough. I paid £34 for this whole set and they threw in an eye mask to sleep in also. I think this price is amazing for a whole range and one that works this well too. I will 100% be purchasing this again and cannot wait to try some more of Revolutions skincare!!


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