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My lip filler experience

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

I was always self conscious of my lips. Even more so when I became a makeup artist. I couldn't take any nice photos of lipstick I wore or any lip art I tried as my uneven lips made my work look shabby. So I resorted to trying lip fillers. Obviously I did my research and found that paying slightly more was worth it as you had good, safe filler and a very well trusted nurse with plenty of experience. I didn't want one of those nightmare jobs you hear about. 

I took the plunge, during my consultation the week before we discussed how I wanted to even my lips out and maybe make my top lip plumper. My appointment was booked and before I knew it that day had come. 

I was terrified as I have a massive phobia of needles !!!

I had numbing cream applied for 20 minutes which is another thing cheap clinics don't do for you so that's why it can hurt. After the 20 minutes my lips were very numb and I was ready to begin. I lay on the bed and prepared for what I thought was going to be agony. I had 10 injections in total and could only really feel 2 of the 10. The filler had an anaesthetic in too so that made it more comfortable. All I could feel was the tiniest scratch as the needle was in and it lasted seconds. The two into my Cupid's bow hurt a tiny bit more but anything in the centre hurts a little more anyway because of nerves. The whole treatment from walking in to walking out lasted an hour. I would highly recommend this treatment but make sure to do your homework first and please don't go cheap !!!! 

I went to Face Envy Aesthetics in Hagley and would happily go again !!!!! 

Pale skin is before tanned skin is after with improved shape 

No lisptick is 5 mins after treatment 

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