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Revolution Skincare Avocado Face Mask

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

So I decided to do a review of some Revolution Skincare !! I chose the Avocado Mask seen as though avocado is good for your body I thought it would be good for my face too !! 

The mask cost £7.49 and you get 50ml of product which I think is quite a good deal. 

How to use: 

Make sure face is clean and dry 

Apply generously using a brush or hands 

Leave for 10-15 minutes 

Use your hands to massage into skin 

Wash off using warm water 

Pat dry using a towel 

My Thoughts: 

Personally I thought this was was a brilliant face mask!! My skin felt so smooth and soft afterwards and felt like it had really had a boost!! For the price also I would rate this mask an 8/10. I would definitely recommend if you are a fan of face masks or even just for a one off treat! You also get enough product to get plenty of used out of this one jar so for me it was really worth the purchase ! 

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